Sharmilla ft. Dr Zeus - Barfi Naal Chaa (Video)

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Sharmilla is back at it again with the one and only Dr Zeus on the track Barfi Naal Chaa - watch the Video here!

The track with feature G Kaur with music from Dr Zeus, and lyrics from both Gill Bahonewala and Jind Kamalwala

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0 #4 RE: Sharmilla ft. Dr Zeus - Barfi Naal Chaa (Video)0000 2016-05-11 19:11
He also said the tracks he made 2-3 years ago are releasing now and thats the labels fault for sitting on tracks and albums for years, also if artists r paying him lots of money he has to meet their demands but for the listeners it is very annoying because for me zeus is the one who made some heavy albums i can listen to even today and they sound sick. im just waiting on that zeus solo album
Rama C
0 #3 RE: Sharmilla ft. Dr Zeus - Barfi Naal Chaa (Video)Rama C 2016-05-10 07:29
Zeus did say that music he makes is what the artist wants, artists need to push the producers and get a new style?
+4 #2 RE: Sharmilla ft. Dr Zeus - Barfi Naal Chaa (Video)chinajatt 2016-04-28 06:29
i agree with the other song this song sounded like zues made it on a lazy day i know hes busy and has a lot of music to make but maybe should take time to put a good song
The Judge
+5 #1 Sake Shiiit Diff DayThe Judge 2016-04-27 08:15
1st - Mitran De Boot
2nd - Patt Lainge

And now Barfi Nal Chaa...

I think Dr. Zeus is making it easy for all these amazing singers with same beats and loops...


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