Sarika Gill - Waka (Video)

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Presenting Sarika Gill latest punjabi song of 2016 WAKA composed by Desi Routz and penned by Harf Cheema.

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mr california
0 #3 RE: Sarika Gill - Waka (Video)mr california 2016-04-30 20:52
oh for real? my bad. its just that i recognised tigerstyle promoting the track a fair amount. yeah...still improvements to be made.
-1 #2 RE: Sarika Gill - Waka (Video)chinajatt 2016-04-25 08:19
music is by deso routs whihc says on the video lol she is doing ok her vocal are more clear and better on this one well done
mr california
0 #1 really?mr california 2016-04-23 23:57
Vocals are weak... not the weakest ...but very far from the best. A fair effort to be honest. Music... not bad. Its Tigerstyle!

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