Rav-E - Kalli and Do Tarra (Video)

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After a long period of silence, the California based Bhangra music Producer RAV-E is releases "Kalli" and "Do Tarra" on the US based record label Against All Odds - watch the Video here!

RAV-E ft. Pappi Gill - Kalli

Following the worldwide success of "Kundian Mucha" from his debut album titled "Back To Bhangra", RAV-E has teamed up with Pappi Gill once again on his latest single "Kalli". Pappi Gill's folk vocals and RAV-E's new sound has provided for a unique track that has a urban hip-hop and folk Punjabi feel. Laced with RAV-E's iconic synths and heavy dhol beat, "Kalli" is just a preview of RAV-E's evolution as a Bhangra Producer.

RAV-E ft. Aalam Jasdeep Singh - Do Tarra

Taking inspiration from Amar Singh Shonki and Manmohan Waris, RAV-E has teamed up with Aalam Jasdeep Singh and created a new rendition of this classic song. By creating "Do Tarra", RAV-E is showcasing his new sound and hopes to keep Punjabi culture alive in the ever changing landscape of the music industry.


+3 #2 RE: Rav-E - Kalli and Do Tarra (Video)SKahlon 2016-04-18 01:29
Finally a clean vid. Solid tracks too
+3 #1 RE: Rav-E - Kalli and Do Tarra (Video)Nyce 2016-04-15 02:04
Very good Bhangra

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