Jagz Kang ft. Bloodline - Mirza (Video)

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Envy Worldwide & Yellowstone Productions present the Debut Album by Jagz Kang a UK Born Desi Folk Singer - watch the Video to Mirza coming off the album here!

Like many 2nd generation British Asians Jagz Kang grew up in a family in the Midlands who’s culture was heavily influenced by its Punjabi roots. His dad was a big fan of folk punjabi music and thru this Jagz musical influences were firmly established. His singing style is heavily influenced by his favourite legendary singers Surinder Shinda & the late great Kuldeep Manak. Jagz has already huge successes with singles with Dj Stin ‘ Bhangre Vich’, Dj Sanj ‘Mitran Da Haath Farkey’ & Kais Khan ‘Mundeya De Dil Hilgaye’.

Resurrection is his Debut Album. The 9 Track Album features Female Asian Rapper Ria Raine & Punjabi-American Rapper Mohan Singh.

Music is produced by Award Winning Producers Bloodline.

Bloodline Music is the combined talent of two music producing brothers ‘Bubble & GSL’.

They have quickly established a name for themselves in the world of Bhangra music. Their debut album "Evolution" received great reviews earning them numerous awards. They have worked with a vast array of artists around the world producing hit tracks for the likes of Bilal Saeed, Kaur B, Rimz J, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Kaka Bhaniawala to name a few. They have been hard at work in the studio producing several major projects for various Envy artists of which Jagz is the 1st Album to be showcased to the world.

A Bloodline Music Production

Artist - Jagz Kang

Album - Resurrection

Lyrics - Jagz Kang

Label - Envy Worldwide & Yellowstone Productions


bally b
0 #4 RE: Jagz Kang ft. Bloodline - Mirza (Video)bally b 2016-03-26 00:39
Love the song and singer has nice [censored] voice
bhangra head
+1 #3 jagz kangbhangra head 2016-03-21 15:40
Sick track and banging album. All tracks are bangers
+1 #2 singhpally15 2016-03-19 08:40
What a track!
jassa jatt
+2 #1 RE: Jagz Kang ft. Bloodline - Mirza (Video)jassa jatt 2016-03-12 08:02
Great voice

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