Aman Yaar - Sohni Naddi (Video)

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Newcomer Aman Yaar debuts his first single “Sohni Naddi” distributed by Speed Records. Aman is exclusively signed under the WeAreD6 entertainment company, owned by Diljit Dosanjh and Kalikwest.

The young talent is one of the first to be signed with the D6 label which is based in the U.S. Born and raised in Maryland, Aman grew a kinship to the Punjabi music industry very early on because of his father, who exposed him to iconic artists that paved the way for folk style of singing like Kuldeep Manak, Surjit Bindrakhia , Surinder Shinda, Gurdas Mann and Jazzy B. Aman’s journey took a substantial turn after meeting one of his musical idols, Surinder Shinda and receiving the opportunity to train under him .

The next break for him came through a nationwide talent search by Kalikwest. This all led to his big break with Diljit Dosanjh who gave the final nod to sign Aman to WeAreD6 after hearing his powerful vocals. Ask the newcomer about his moniker and his connection to music becomes even more significant. Aman would sing various notable hits for social events and for fun, one in particular being ‘Kasman Nal Vihar’ a lok tath by Kuldeep Manak in which the ending line is ‘…vasda Manak yaar.’ From that line, Aman freestyled his own name into it while reciting the lyrics and since then it just stuck, transforming Aman Dhaliwal into Aman Yaar. The tag is quite fitting because it has become a significant tribute for his entry into the music industry. ‘Yaar’ loosely translates to friend or more broadly brotherhood.

For his debut single, Aman speaks about just that in more ways than one but with a modern twist. The title is ‘Sohni Naddi’ meaning beautiful girl. In collaboration with his friend Gagan Amrit, the lyrics of the song speak to the slang terminology of not being ‘thirsty’ for a pretty face. The theme of the song transcends the obvious overtones of vying for the same girl but rather explores the undertones of not succumbing to short term attention.

The traditional songs about loyalty and friendship have made their historical mark on our playlists, inspiring a new generation, like Aman, to give a fresh take without losing the same folk elements. The music is produced by Tedi Pagg Productions. While with his first single, Aman is bringing us his version of urban folk, he aspires to showcase his diverse range of talent with future projects. Like Diljit, he is bringing a versatile sound to listeners and is looking forward to shaking things up in the music industry with ‘Sohni Naddi.’


0 #2 RE: Aman Yaar - Sohni Naddi (Video)0000 2016-01-19 10:45
Sick track finally producers are making music which they want to make not every track has to be folk or have a dhol obviously in future he will do that but music is about different styles and tastes it gets boring if every artists copies the last track because it was a big hit
-1 #1 RE: Aman Yaar - Sohni Naddi (Video)hanjiiii 2016-01-18 22:16
Not a good first release. Very talented singer working with the wrong team. He needs a proper folk track.

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