Simon Nandhra Feat. Master Rakesh & Metronome - Broken (Video)

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Simon Nandhra presents 'The Return' – A Special Two Single Release, out now - Watch the Video to "BROKEN" Ft. Master Rakesh & Metronome

Simon Nandhra returned in 2015 with his long awaited comeback single 'Dil Mangdi Part 2' and in December 2015 he gave his fans a double dose of that unique Simon Nandhra sound!

Teaming up with the one and only Master Rakesh, the duo combine on the songs 'Naina' & 'Broken'.
Both songs got a simultaneous release on 10th December. Bringing on board rapper Metronome for the single 'Broken', Simon Nandhra delivers two fresh sounds in one package.

The video for 'Naina' once again sets new heights for the UK Bhangra scene, with Simon Nandhra again exploring new themes, ideas & settings for the video. Set in Nazi Germany, the video for 'Naina' will undoubtedly get people talking!

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