Jazzy B Ft JSL - Repeat (Video)

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Jazzy B returns with a brand new single 'Repeat' produced by JSL!

Jazzy B follows up his last collaboration with Snoop Dogg & Capone-E with the new single 'Repeat', produced by producer/artist JSL! The song has been written by Balkar Nandgahriya and will be releasing worldwide!



Rashi Kaur
0 #6 RE: Jazzy B Ft JSL - Repeat (Video)Rashi Kaur 2015-12-12 22:19
Whatever one says jsl is doing it big. His next track with gippy looks interesting too.
+1 #5 RE: Jazzy B Ft JSL - Repeat (Video)0000 2015-12-08 19:54
This is a very good track jazzy b went a bit down with his bollywood tracks they weren't up to standard but since he got back with shinda n zeus on mitran de boot the quality has returned, im expecting big things from him in the coming year with folk n funky 2 album
+2 #4 RE: Jazzy B Ft JSL - Repeat (Video)DocDesi 2015-12-08 05:39
Hes the only singer who survived till date, repeat is numba 1 on all major radio stations and tv channels, thats a reply to all u depressed mofos who knows nothing but criticise. Get a life morons! Jatt di charhai aaaaa hahahahahahhaha ha
desi ranjha
+3 #3 RE: Jazzy B Ft JSL - Repeat (Video)desi ranjha 2015-12-05 12:21
i liked this track but maybe beacause im a old skool jazzy fan and i wil like any song he does i hope folk n funky 2 is better
+4 #2 whats wrongharbans 2015-12-04 00:16
I dont expect such kind of stuff from someone like Jazzy B and I dont know what he is thinking in his head that he wants to work with every Tom, [censored] and harry. Completely under sold himself after maharajas. This video made him look like a dilpreet dhillon or just another landu singer. About time he should realize and remember he is the Jazzy B that gave us oh kehri and romeo, or he will lose the charm and spark which tbh he has been losing it.
pull up your socks man, we dont need repeat, most wanted, bappi lehri and Romeo Ranjha with Garry Sandhu kind of shit from u.
ravi g.
-1 #1 RE: Jazzy B Ft JSL - Repeat (Video)ravi g. 2015-12-02 19:34
not feeling this track tbh jazzy could have done loads better

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