Zora Randhawa Feat Fateh Doe - 22Da (Video)

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Zora Randhawa returns with '22Da' after the huge success of 'Inch' - Feat Fateh Doe! Watch the Video here!


When Dr. Zeus introduces or puts his name behind an artist, people sit up and take notice. Both Zora Randhawa and Fateh Doe are able to lay stake to this claim and have seen their own musical careers flourish since their beginning. Zora, fresh from his world tour has already tasted success in 2015 with his last song. “Inch” which has stormed to over 11 Million hits on YouTube since its release in January. The snowball effect of purchases from his faithful fan base took this raw desi banger to the top of the charts, resulting in a number 1 chart position for 3 weeks on the BBC Official Asian Download Charts.

Fateh Doe is also no stranger to the World Asian music scene. Since his introduction he has broken barriers crossing into Bollywood and featuring on many hits, both released and upcoming. One such track was the item number from hit movie “Happy New Year” which was mimed and danced to by one of Bollywood’s hottest and most popular actresses, Deepika Padukone. “Lovely” has achieved more than a massive 23 Million views on YouTube. Any song with both of these talented young artists bringing their craft forward yet again is nothing short of a lip-smacking and enticing prospect for the world to hear.

Enter 22DA, which not only does exactly that, but also subtly allows Dr. Zeus to present another talent to us all in the name of Jay K. Jay K has provided the music for 22DA, an extraordinary foot stomping production with shoulder jerking execution. Mixed & Engineered by Dr. Zeus himself, 22DA has been given the same varnish that has resulted in many eargasms for years. That being said, the style and fusion of the music with fresh beats, opens up a great conversation about this young man unquestionably bringing something new to the table. Jay K, is here for the long term and what a way to say “hello” to the masses. It’s as if he has taken a double barrel with Zora and Fateh loaded into each side and pulled his finger on the trigger.

The song is supported by a high budget video including high-speed cars, helicopters and the usual big production value we have become habituated to when this team brings something new to the street. World famous singer Mickey Singh is also putting his support behind the release and features glaringly throughout the 22DA music video. 22DA (Your Brother’s) delivers the message in the song that it is “their time to shine”, a message that anyone would find hard to doubt as anything they touch, evidently turns to gold.

22DA releases worldwide on the 5th November 2015. It will be out on Century Records (Outside Asia) and Speed Records (Asia).


0 #2 RE: Zora Randhawa Feat Fateh Doe - 22Da (Video)desiranjha 2015-11-06 13:25
he is known as the bakri goat guy because if a goat was singing in punjabi this is how it would sound money talks
harj obsan
0 #1 RE: Zora Randhawa Feat Fateh Doe - 22Da (Video)harj obsan 2015-11-05 19:42
Rubbish this guy cant sing and that was the longest inch ever so boring.

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