Tigerstyle ft Jaz Dhami - Sitarey (Video)

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Tigerstyle are back with their brand new single titled 'Sitarey' featuring Jaz Dhami! With lyrics by Preet Kanwal - watch the video here!

UK production outfit TIGERSTYLE are set to make a welcomed addition to their succession of hit singles in the coming days. This is that duo who brought you the likes of “Att Goriye”, “Swag Jatt Da”, “Chakkwein Suit” and “Husn The Kali”.

This time TIGERSTYLE are teaming up with talented British-born vocalist JAZ DHAMI (High Heels, Zulfa, Beparwaiyan), to bring us SITAREY, with lyrics by Preet Kanwal.

The song has an uplifting youthful feel, hypnotic melody and punchy fashioned beats………all great ingredients to become a fan favourite.


+4 #4 RE: Tigerstyle ft Jaz Dhami - Sitarey (Video)desiranjha 2015-10-27 14:06
jaz dhami lack certain things he sounds like a bhaiya trying to singh punjabi
Harry B
+4 #3 RE: Tigerstyle ft Jaz Dhami - Sitarey (Video)Harry B 2015-10-27 06:50
Not the best of song sounds flat there is no wow factor to it. Shame was looking forward to this one. Needs some tempo!
+4 #2 RE: Tigerstyle ft Jaz Dhami - Sitarey (Video)ohteri 2015-10-20 20:06
dont knw what went wrong... its not bad at all, its a feel good track... but something is missing... a catchy phrase or chorus maybe... or more upbeat!
harj obsan
+3 #1 RE: Tigerstyle ft Jaz Dhami - Sitarey (Video)harj obsan 2015-10-20 12:02
Hmmm this isnt the best of Jaz work and surely shows it, better luck next time x

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