Gaurav Dayal feat. Beera - Ethnik Funk (Video)

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Bossa Nova meets Bhangra in this funky jam by Gaurav Dayal, watch the video and download here!

Featuring a Real Horn Section and Metal flute recorded in Miami, USA. This track has been arranged, produced and mixed by Gaurav Dayal at Beatfactory Studios Los Angeles.

Gaurav is a well known Award Winning and highly prolific composer/ producer from New delhi, India. He has been composing and producing music for 15+ years, and has sold millions of copies of albums, and singles . Gaurav is also known for his Electronic Music School, Beatfactory Academy, where new talent is taught cutting edge skills on the latest technology and software.

Gaurav’s music has recently been featured on top hits from the US, the latest being his song “922 Anthem”, which was featured on the movieGRAVITY – 2013 starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. IMDB Link

Other Hits like “Come and Get it” by Selena Gomez also features “indian loops” and sounds produced by Gaurav. Over 170 Million views!

Skrillex recently featured Gaurav’s music in his song “Scary Bolly Dub” which has over 3 million views!


-1 #2 ruff ruffrocco 2015-05-26 18:03
so horrible
DPS Kaur
+1 #1 RE: Gaurav Dayal feat. Beera - Ethnik Funk (Video)DPS Kaur 2015-05-22 21:06
Enjoyed it ....repeated it gain and again its quite diff and amazing ,,..

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