Shaanti - Disco Warrior (Video)

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Shaanti Play Records announce release of their new video, "Disco Warrior" by The Kalyan to Shaanti's fan's before it is premiered on TV or web. Created by Bob Dixon who has worked for the likes of David Bowie on his previous world tour, and co-directed by Rent Boy and Flynn Productions who have worked with Massive Attack, James Blunt, A-Ha, Sam Brown, Liberty X, Ne-Yo and many more you know the video is gonna make some noise.

Shaanti Play Records get set to release their first single into the mainstream come September, 10, 2007 The new single "Disco Warrior" by the Kalyan to be taken from the hotly anticipated second album "Mighty Asian Beats" from Shaanti Play Records. Featuring the vocals talents of India's premier singer Lember Hussainpuri, and with only a few copies in circulation "Disco Warrior" already looks like a big hit. With four exclusive mixes available alongside the main track pre-order your copy today.

Track 1: Disco Warrior
Track 2: Desi Warrior
Track 3: House Mix
Track 4: Funk Mix

To pre order The Kalyan's single "Disco Warrior" text Shaanti Play Records to 07968 260276. To Pre-order >>  email e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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