Miss Pooja ft Dr Zeus & Fateh - Painkiller (Video)

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Miss Pooja returns with the single 'Painkiller' produced by Dr Zeus and featuring Fateh - watch the video now - The song is out now via Century Records (Outside Asia) and Speed Records (Asia).

Dr Zeus is without doubt the most successful UK Based Music producer of 2014. His last two tracks have achieved International success, including a collaboration with the Crown Prince of Bhangra, Jazzy B, and an item number “Lovely” from the Bollywood hit “Happy New Year” starring Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan & Deepika Padukone.

His collaboration with the Crown Prince Of Bhangra “Mitran De Boot” wasn’t only the first time they had collaborated, but the first time Jazzy B had ever featured on a duet with a female artist. A very successful music career spanning back 24 years plus a feature by Kaur-B, made this an even more mouth-watering offering. The song didn’t cut any corners with Actress and Model, Surveen Chawla featuring in the video which has racked up 5.3 Million views on YouTube. The song not only achieved number one chart success in the BBC Asian Download Chart, but managed to sit in Pole Position for 3 weeks, only to be outdone by; yes you guessed it, another song produced by Dr Zeus.

“Lovely” sang by Kanika Kapoor, who was already coming off the back of “Baby Doll” success was showcased on stage by Zeus and his team, at the official film launch party shown on TV around the world. The item number from hit movie “Happy New Year” was mimed and danced to by one of Bollywood’s hottest and most popular actresses, Deepika Padukone. “Lovely” has achieved a massive 20 Million views on YouTube and it was no less than expected when it swapped places with “Mitran De Boot” to take the number one spot in the BBC Asian Download Chart and stay there for 2 weeks.

Reading these facts, its quite easy to agree that Dr Zeus owned the Charts during these five weeks and led his fans to ask the question, How is he going to top this?

Well, not only has he done exactly that, but once again has delivered a first in history by teaming up with the Queen of Bhangra, Miss Pooja.

Miss Pooja needs no introduction with an array of super hits in the Asian music industry, which has always been a subject of imagination of what could be possible if these two heavyweights were to ever collaborate.

In “Painkiller” that becomes a reality as the offering delivers a harmonious, tasteful, and catchy concoction. It propagates to supply an amazing hook line, balanced on signature beats and baselines from the man that is leaving many of his peers behind and resides in a league of his own.

The song talks from the perspective of Miss Pooja, telling the story about how one’s love for another can take away all pain that is felt. Fateh provides his own response from the male viewpoint. Painkiller encapsulates a clever lyrical use of multi-language, with both performing artists using Panjabi and English in their lyrics to deliver three and a half ‘head bopping’ minutes.

Panjabi lyrics are by the one and only Karamjit Puri who has penned numerous duets for Miss Pooja.


+1 #4 RE: Miss Pooja ft Dr Zeus & Fateh - Painkiller (Video)0000 2014-12-15 23:04
Not Feeling this track nothing new from both artists and rap is same, sounds boring get back to making full albums n stop these singles every week, need some quality control. The amount of crap songs this year is ridiculous.
0 #3 RE: Miss Pooja ft Dr Zeus & Fateh - Painkiller (Video)316 2014-12-15 22:55
Actually getting bored of Zeus and his formula. Same templates on all his songs, stick a rapper on the song, use the same duff and dholki sample on the song change key, mix and release and get paid.. This is what is hurting the industry.. i recommend producers take their time and release good music not like RDB used to back in the day they rinsed it as i was a different era then when the public were younger and more into music, now its widely available to download for free so no one cares on what the songs are any more! The death of bhangra music is near as this watered down music will always be here. I have to give credit to AMX, Tru Skool, Notorious Jatt, Aman Hayer and so on for not releasing so much much! Quality not Quantity !!!
The Judge
+3 #2 Flope ActressThe Judge 2014-12-15 20:07
Miss Pooja y do something that you can't. No I mean hats off to your guts that keep on convincing you that u can dance and gear up like shakira or Beyoncé lol... N yeah nothing bloody great about the song too.. Same old Pooja, same old Zeus with his beats and same old paji (fateh). Good enough reasons to piss me off lol. Time to hear Nick Dhamu n get back to the Bhangra mood buuuuuurah
+2 #1 RE: Miss Pooja ft Dr Zeus & Fateh - Painkiller (Video)desiranjha 2014-12-15 15:00
what is miss pooja trying to look like lol shes fresh she should stick to wearing a suit and singing about rice songs

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