Sharr Singh - Pull Ja (Video)

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Sharr Singh is a young, ambitious Punjabi singer from the Netherlands. With ’Pull Ja’ a Jigga Productions, she gives us a taste of what we can expect from her in the upcoming years, watch the video here!

Now she has released an up tempo song ''Pull Ja'' in which she brings out her own roots. She wants to share her passion for music with the rest and is currently working on her next songs.

Following her first song called Dreams, this is just the beginning of something new.

Sharr Singh was always passionate and ambitious when it came to singing. She started doing this at a young age and they were mostly in English.

We of course can expect much more from this talented young lady.

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0 #1 Not bad effortGulli1 2014-12-29 00:21
But certainly not great, what i mean by this comment is that the track slightly catchy and thats not bad but the video needs attention, looks very home made and loads of scenes out of focus and blurry not good viewing, overall well done for trying.

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