Jazzy B - Ghora (Yoddha - The Warrior)

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After the massive success of his last Punjabi film 'Sadda Haq', Kuljinder Sidhu is too release his latest movie titled 'Yoddha - The Warrior', watch the video the song 'Ghora' featuring Jazzy B, Music - Popsy - The Music Machine here!

The movie features Kuljinder in the lead role. This movie is directed by Mandeep Benipal and story of the movie is written by Amardeep Singh Gill and Kuljinder Sidhu himself.

This film is based on the life of a simple person but circumstances makes him into a warrior and it is due to be released 31st October.

Starring - Kuljinder Singh Sidhu,Rahul Dav,Girja Shankar,Unati Dawara,Nasar Khan,Mahabeer Bhullar,Haktor Sandhu,Ajay Jethi,Dinesh Sood,Sandeep Kapoor,Vicky Harwinder

Directed By: Mandeep Benipal

Produced By: Kuljinder Singh Sidhu, Sanjeev Joshi , Rajeev Kumar & Dinesh Sood

Story Written by: Amandeep Singh Gill and Kuljinder Singh Sidhu

Music Director : Gurmeet Singh


+3 #1 RE: Jazzy B - Ghora (Yoddha - The Warrior)harbans 2014-10-26 03:16
Popsy is a nice guy, but to be honest I am not very impressed with his music. very average. naag 2, singha diya gaddian, 26 ban gayi and now this. All had great lyrics selection and great vocals, but music in all of these mentioned tracks was average. he needs more time with shinda

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