Sucha Badshah - Sher Punjabi (Video)

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After the release of his first International album, "Rabba", Sucha Badshah and VellyCrew Productions have brought you his second album "Sher Punjabi" - check out the title video here!

With some of the hottest sounds and the hottest producers in the industry, "Sher Punjabi" will be sure to deliver a BANG! Sucha Badshah's raw rapping style combined with the new age music of VellyCrew , brings you an album like no other. Sucha Badshah has been grinding with music since the age of 12, and has been growing his legion of fans and music.

Sucha Badshah's new album "Sher Punjabi" will have a Bonus track remixed by one of the hottest Producers in the U.K, Tigerstyle. The new album has features from variety of artists ranging from American rappers to Russian rappers. Sher Punjabi is a VellyCrew Productions that has some of the hottest hip-hop beats in the industry.

With the rap skills of Sucha Badshah combined with the musical talents of VellyCrew and Tigerstyle, Sher Punjabi has the makings of becoming a hit.

After the success of Sucha Badshah's song "We Get Rough", Sucha has once again collaborated with multiple artists in his new song "My life". You can check out "My life" and other songs in Sucha Badshah's new album "Sher Punjabi".