Deep Grewal ft. Cloud 9 Music - Nakhra 2014 (Video)

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Cloud 9 Music are back with their latest offering and this time they are introducing a brand new artist 'Deep Grewal' with the track 'Nakhra 2014' out now via the VIP Records label - watch the video here!

Dubbed as one of their biggest releases this year, VIP records will be releasing “Nakhra 2014” in the height of the summer with of a start of Sept release anticipated. “Nakhra 2014” has all the fundamentals required of a summer dance-floor anthem – a super strong beat and percussion, plenty of dance-ability and raw emotion within the vocal.

But let’s take a step back for a second….You may be thinking “Deep Grewal? Who is this guy?”…and quite rightly so as this is his debut release – So who exactly is Deep Grewal and where has “Nakhra 2014” come from….

Having moved to the UK from Punjab 5 years ago, Deep is now based in West Bromwich, West Midlands. From an early age, Deep has had aspirations to become a singer in the Punjabi music industry. In 2014, Deep was introduced to Cloud 9 Music by a mutual friend and having recognised Deep’s talent, it was decided that Cloud 9 Music would begin to conceptualise Deep’s debut project. Since then, Deep has been working very closely with Cloud 9 Music to finely tune his vocals and working tirelessly to develop a style that could command respect within the Punjabi music industry – the result being the production of “Nakhra 2014”, which was written by J Roop Dinewal.

Amit and Deepak from Cloud 9 Music are very optimistic about this single and believe that Deep has a great future ahead of him, “Deep has a very unique tone and style in his vocal and his work ethic is unparalleled and we believe that that’s a great recipe for success – Vocally, we’ve had Deep add a lot of variation within “Nakhra 2014” and musically, we’ve tried to create a dance floor anthem as well as bring something new to the table – we’re both very excited about this release!....and in keeping with tradition, we’ll be doing something a little out of the box with the video so hopefully you guys will enjoy what we’ve tried to create here!”

Following the huge success of the “Ek Ek Saah” music video, Cloud 9 Music have once again appointed the talented cinematographers, Skylight, to create something magical for “Nakhra 2014”.


The Judge
-2 #3 ?The Judge 2014-09-17 08:16
Something is missing... music wise... Vocals is 100% top.
-2 #2 RE: Deep Grewal ft. Cloud 9 Music - Nakhra 2014 (Video)relaxsingh 2014-09-12 23:58
shit tune, over-rated. song didnt drop on d chorus, basic song.
+2 #1 RE: Deep Grewal ft. Cloud 9 Music - Nakhra 2014 (Video)desiranjha 2014-09-12 19:17
banging tune

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