Tigerstyle, Bikram Singh & Gunjan - Kawan 2 Remix (Video)

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Tigerstyle are proud to announce the much anticipated "Kawan 2 Remix" which is out now in the form of an EP, watch the video here!

"Kawan 2" by NewYork Punjabi artist Bikram Singh, which also feature the sultry vocals of Gunjan, shot to No1 position on the iTunes UK World Singles Chart, No1 on the BBC Asian Network Official UK Downloads Chart and No4 in the iTunes USA World Singles Chart on release in April. Since then, Tigerstyle have been camping out at The Dera Production Suite, hq to Soldier Sound Recordings, engineering what is set to be another benchmark release.

"We're pushing ourselves again with the production on this remix. The idea of having three different drops in the EDM Remix came from the original song, as we felt the strings opening became iconic and the song itself took a new turn every time each vocalist made their vocal entry. So we have reinterpreted this with an EDM mindset." - Raj Tigerstyle.

"Once the audio was complete we just couldn't release it without a video. The fact that the Remix track has become an entity in itself gave us scope to work with a great team to create something exciting visually. We are again taking risks, and hope viewers enjoy our efforts." - Pops, Tigerstyle.

Kawan 2 Remix EP is out 4th September, the remix is supported by a collection of unreleased material from the Tigerstyle / Digi-Bhang catalogue.


-1 #2 RE: Tigerstyle, Bikram Singh & Gunjan - Kawan 2 Remix (Video)0000 2014-09-05 01:36
Quality music forward thinking great producers
0 #1 RE: Tigerstyle, Bikram Singh & Gunjan - Kawan 2 Remix (Video)Er... 2014-09-04 18:02
And whats the point in this release? Whos gona buy this? I feel for Bikram, Tigerstyle keep using his a 2nd rate singer when he isnt! Shame really.

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