Inside-Man Feat: Pargat & Jagdev Khan - Sahibaa Bani Bharawan Di (Video)

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Inside-Man brings to you his first official single titled: Sahibaa Bani Bharawan Di from his Panjabi Folk/Bhangra album called ‘Mind Over Matter’, watch the video here!

Sahibaa Bani Bharawan Di was originally produced by Ved Sethi and is written by Dev Tharikewala and was sung by the legendary vocalist Kuldip Manak Ji.

In this redention of Sahibaa Bani Bharawan Di, the Inside-Man has recreated a powerful cover version in which he has opted to use the nephews of Kuldip Manak whom are known as Pargat & Jagdev Khan.

The Inside-Man would like to state a clear message that the song was never created due to Kuldip Manak’s tragic passing, but in fact was created when Kuldip Manak was living. The song was produced in 2009 but was never released and when the song was to be released unfortunatley Kuldip Manak sadly passed away.

The Inside-Man would like to thank all the musicians involved in this musical project.

Music: Inside-Man

Vocals: Pargat & Jagdev Khan

Lyrics: Dev Tharikewala

Tabla/Dholki & Dhol: Bhupinder Tubsy

Sarangi: Jagroop Singh Budhanwalia

Mandolin: Balwinder Balu

Guitar: David Amar

Lead Flute: Ashwani Kumar

Support Flute: Banger

Video & Artwork: Juggy Singh - J.S.G Films


+8 #2 Inside-ManFreshy 2014-07-09 11:49
Totally agree, budget video for sure but to the point and its good that he hasn't opted to be in the video shaking his head round as if he is god or something! Well done Inside-Man and keep them coming. About time a decent artist is coming through from the new people
+8 #1 WOWM&M 2014-07-09 08:11
Loving the video, simple , effective and its what needed than sometime splashing out big money on bakwas. Song is just AMAZING, powerful vocals and music is brilliant. Well done Inside-Man, can't wait for the next release

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