Gagan Sharma ft. Nick Chowlia - Nakhra (Video)

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Check out Gagan Sharma’s video to ‘Nakhra’ with music by Nick Chowlia coming off the long awaited release of 'Ambitions' out now worldwide!

Gagan Sharma first emerged to the masses with the release of 'Ferrari' – a single that was produced by long time collaborator and mentor Nick Chowlia. 'Ferrari' and its accompanying video firmly set Gagan apart from fellow contemporaries. Ferrari showcased not only Gagan's remarkable versatility as an artist, but also his impeccable physique!

Gagan's route to the release of his hotly anticipated worldwide release of 'Ambitions' has seen him take to the live stage for the past 3 years. Gagan performed as a backing vocalist for some of the biggest names in modern Punjabi music including; Malkit Singh & Apna Sangeet.

Gagan's new found popularity from the back of 'Ferrari' & 'Jaan Mangdi' has seen him perform at the Miss World Canada fashion show & Miss Universe "Smiles for Miles" Charity event. More recently, Gagan was in Las Vegas alongside global H Dhami for an energy packed live performance!

Gagan was first signed to Vancouver based Inject Media in 2011, where he went under the mentoring of Nick Chowlia (En Karma). It was only after 3 years of learning and that Gagan felt he was ready to unleash himself onto the global stage. Gagan has learnt under some of Canada's top muscians; Manmohan Singh ji, Sarbjit Malpuri and Gagandeep Singh ji. This strong musical grounding has allowed Gagan to grow as a musician and all round artist.

With 'Ambitions' being exquisitely produced by Nick Chowlia, the album was quickly signed up by global power house label Moviebox Records!

'Ambitions' is a 10 track album that takes listeners of a eclectic musical journey. The lyrics for the album were provided by Manni Sekhon, Raja Khela, Bhanoki Jhujar, Jasvir Ghunchuriya, who each provide a modern contemporary feel to 'Ambitions'. An album that stretches musical boundaries, 'Ambitions' sees Gagan collaborate with the likes of Raju Johal, Battlekatt, Kristie Young & Jagua.

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