DBI ft Saini Surinder Aambh Dha Boota (Video)

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Check out the video for 'Aambh Dha Boota' by DBI ft Saini Surinder! The song is from their mixtape 'THE VIP EXPERIENCE' which is out now on VIP RECORDS!


desi dark child
-3 #3 RE: DBI ft Saini Surinder Aambh Dha Boota (Video)desi dark child 2014-04-29 23:47
Again bawkass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Bhangra industry vexes me at times as it is full of shit wanna b untrained singers that sound like dogs barking & then you got your part time garage, toilet, bedroom, dads house producers working with cracked music Daw's. This is now becoming big thing in India & other parts of the world too. The fact is anyone can come out of the bathroom pay for everything become wanna b super shitty star's! WTF! [censored]
mr singh
-1 #2 omgmr singh 2014-04-19 07:34
something good from vip for a change..
-5 #1 RE: DBI ft Saini Surinder Aambh Dha Boota (Video)HappyMunda 2014-04-17 21:06
Swear I saw him last week hanging outside da Gurdwara touting 4 a bit of building work. Wedding sinning had dried up a bit so he sed he'd charge me £50 to clear my I told him 2 jog on! Shaddi Deya!

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