Biti ft Sabrina & Fire-Tiger - Sur Te Taal (Video)

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Check out the video for 'Sur Te Taal' by Biti ft Sabrina & Fire-Tiger. The song is out now via Moviebox.


Tee Singhh
0 #6 Could of been betterTee Singhh 2014-03-17 09:31
Come on people, let's give some credit here.
I agree the location is not the best and the whole concept of the track is wrong maybe done if the track is in fields or at a wedding venue which would make it a different style, but at least as a female singer has a voice to show for, me personally I think it's a good track simple and traditional
Moviebox let's get more innovative in future
Tee Singhh
-6 #5 RE: Biti ft Sabrina & Fire-Tiger - Sur Te Taal (Video)No.. 2014-03-14 13:06
She looks so out of place, must be she isnt used to dancing etc but if you are a perfomer you need to know the basics! sing in key, dance to the beat, lip sync like you give a shit.. and come on bhangra industry this is now a joke shooting in empty warehouses! change it please!!!!!!
bups saggu
-10 #4 RE: Biti ft Sabrina & Fire-Tiger - Sur Te Taal (Video)bups saggu 2014-03-14 11:19
-6 #3 RE: Biti ft Sabrina & Fire-Tiger - Sur Te Taal (Video)sabibainsfunkster 2014-03-14 11:18
Was lukn fwd to dis but..singer luks like she bein whippd and forcd infrnt of the camera to perform lol. aint got the luk on camera.. luks out of place.. below average music and video. nuffn good here.. dis fire-tiger is supposd to b part of dj sanj's ghost production team (kal mattu) but didnt see it here
-6 #2 NothingKnowledge 2014-03-14 08:45
Bhangra/[censor ed] song is about, an amazing vocalist, dhol, tumbi with matching beat to it...
What this?..well it's all money for them!
-3 #1 RE: Biti ft Sabrina & Fire-Tiger - Sur Te Taal (Video)Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 2014-03-14 07:46
Songs is dead, production is dead also the singer Biti looks flat in the video cant move, no facial expressions, nothing, the best bit in the song was the girl bhangra dancers o yeah and the end of it! But shame its a Moviebox release its guaranteed to get over 200K hits. This is whats hap[censored]in g to to the bhangra industry = Shit Releases = Fact = Heatbeat = Shit = Ferrari = Shit = the list goes on and on..

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