Feroz Khan & Gagan Kokri - Rangla Punjab (Video)

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Released Worldwide on Dharam Seva Records is the latest track Rangla Punjab featuring Vocals by Feroz Khan & Gagan Kokri - Watch Full Video Here!

Artist - Feroz Khan & Gagan Kokri
Music - Tazz Sandhu
Lyrics Koki Deep
Video - Rahul Dutta
Label - Dharam Seva Records

Rangla Punjab - A track made to highlight the problem of Drug use in Punjab. Stay away from drugs help educate people that it is not right or safe to go towards Drugs. Drugs cause pain, misery and death in may families please help raise awareness.

Preserve The Past Teachings of our Gurus and Inspire the Future to keep these Ethics and Morals alive.



Dj Goivx
+1 #2 RE: Feroz Khan & Gagan Kokri - Rangla Punjab (Video)Dj Goivx 2014-02-07 22:56
Strong lyrics, shame people will not change!
+4 #1 Real talkRaj_gill 2014-02-02 00:12
Awesome track, video is very powerfull, feroz carrys the other singer, but overall wkd 8.5/10

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