GV ft Legends - Legends Boliyan (Video)

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Check out the video for 'Legends Boliyan' by GV! The song brings together UK Bhangra legends onto one song including; Premi, Heera, Apna Sangeet, Balwinder Safri & Shin DCS. The album 'Old Habits Die Hard' is out now on iTunes


The Real Realist
+2 #22 Fine Effort GVThe Real Realist 2014-02-02 21:12
This ones to [censored][cens ored][censored] you come on these forums & love to hate people who make an effort. On the real yeah, no one knows you for your music, no one knows a single one of your songs, nobody ever requests your music at functions, no one ever rings into a radio station & dedicate your tracks to anyone, your old & irrelevant, your a terrible dresser, you post photos of your attic studio conversion online & it looks so dirty & cheap in there, you always instigate negative feelings, you think your some hard old school g, I'm sorry but you're a nobody with a twitter account. PS none of your videos get played on Brit Asia and they'll play anyone's videos. Give it up get a life, wash your face, sort your hair out, lose some weight and change your caste. Jatts Rule.
The Real Realist
+2 #21 Fine Effort GVThe Real Realist 2014-02-02 21:06
Over the past few years a good staple to any Bhangra album has been the inclusion of a decent Boliyan track. Apna Sangeet, Safri Boyz, AS Kang, have undoubtedly made classic Boliyan tracks. I personally think Dr Zeus holds the current crown for a Boliyan track with his Mele Vich Jatt effort, that particular track is gonna be a tough one to beat. GV faced a very hard task in doing this track, for example each featured act only has a verse to contribute. All in all a very fine effort mate, very original in its production. Ignore the negative reactions here as you've definitely created an instant classic. I'd happily dance to this at any function it's played. Keep up the good work.
Dj Goivx
-2 #20 RE: GV ft Legends - Legends Boliyan (Video)Dj Goivx 2014-02-01 22:52
GV you were wasted with this track, could have done it tons better!
-1 #19 One wordPendu 2014-02-01 10:34
-2 #18 RE: GV ft Legends - Legends Boliyan (Video)damaka 2014-02-01 10:07
Ruined the track with the clowns used in the video sorry
+2 #17 RE: GV ft Legends - Legends Boliyan (Video)mtl 2014-01-31 07:30
wow the negative comments.....yo u call them "has been" these guys made the way for our artists these days..ask any single one of them i bet they will be all in this track..happy as hell!!! these are legends...GV did a cypher type of production..pul led it of nicely..this is true lyrics and music!!! big ups to all of them including GV....LEGENDS!! !!
+2 #16 RE: GV ft Legends - Legends Boliyan (Video)rocco 2014-01-28 18:19
In all my years of being a bhangra lover I have never seen such a sad sight. "Living Bhangra Legends" being reduced to this tacky no budget video with third rate music. And this GV guy is full of himself. All this amazing talent wasted!!
0 #15 RE: GV ft Legends - Legends Boliyan (Video)Rajj 2014-01-28 15:30
So sick of hearing these hasbeen songs by these hasbeen artists and what made it so much worse than it already was with the production of GV and seeing him every freaking couple of seconds
+3 #14 Karaoke LegendPERSONAL OPINION 2014-01-27 16:12
video totally ruined by GV doing Karaoke every friggin minute this tune was for the legends when the eff did GV become a legend must have cut to him a hundred times during the video pathetic
Unkown Jungli
+6 #13 GVUnkown Jungli 2014-01-26 22:37
Sorry to say but he looks retarded in the video with that look
-1 #12 RE: GV ft Legends - Legends Boliyan (Video)question 2014-01-25 17:48
All due respect to try and change his sound, but he should stick what is known to be a GV sound. This sort of stuff needs to either be done properly or left alone. and by this sort of stuff i mean trying the whole 'i represent the real hip hop' vibe.
0 #11 RE: GV ft Legends - Legends Boliyan (Video)chinajatt 2014-01-24 13:34
Quoting Jazzy daku:
What a waste of time this is. Crap song with a crap video. Same old crap with premi waving the mic about and shin dressed up like john lennon and safri doing awkward movements. Then u have GV miming and pretend rapping. Give me bagga safri anytime

lol @ bagga safri he the man loved his amb dasarei tune lol

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