Mentor Beats ft.Bikram Singh - Pabh Chak (Video)

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mentor beats pabh chak bikram singh

Hit British Asian producer Mentor returns in collaboration with international Punjabi star Bikram Singh and Pabh Chak - watch full video here!

British producer Mentor has been at the forefront of the British Asian and Bhangra scene for the last 10 years. Having produced recent hits such as his own 'Jadoo' (feat Nav Sidhu), 'Sharabi' (The Truth), 'Kurri Canada Di' (DJ Dips) and several classics for superstar Juggy D, including 'Soniyeh', 'Billo' and tracks from the album 'Punjabi Rockstar', hit-maker Mentor returns with his infectious new single 'Pabh Chak' featuring the vocals of American Punjabi star Bikram Singh. The new single releases on Thursday 5th December and is currently available to pre order from iTunes.

'Pabh Chak' is a fun and catchy Bhangra song which will set the dancefloors on fire this festive season, with the masterful production of Mentor Beats and an unmistakable vocal performance from Bikram Singh. The song was written by Savvy Dhillon from Chandigarh. Commenting on the collaboration, Mentor says: "Bikram has a unique voice and has delivered another flawless record with 'Pabh Chak'. It was great to work with him and add my own dance flavour to the track. 'Pabh Chak' is a fast paced Punjabi track and I think Bhangra fans will really enjoy it leading in to the holiday season."

Following his hit album 'Bik I Am' which was well received by Bhangra fans around the world, Bikram Singh goes from strength to strength in the Punjabi music market. His latest collaboration with Mentor in a fine example of his unique vocal talent which has been warmly received by the music scene, and has seen him become a hugely popular Punjabi artist in the last few years since his breakthrough album in 2005 'American Jugni'.

Mentor has been an ever-present force in the Asian music scene over the last decade. Whether it be under the guise of the Mentor Kolektiv, the hit Asian/urban/bhangra group of the early noughties or under his own production name of Mentor Beats, he continues to deliver hit after hit every year. Over the last decade he has acquired impressive production and remixing credits for the likes of Jay Sean, Timbaland and Magoo ft Missy Elliot, Craig David, Juggy D, Sugababes, Nitin Sawhney, Jon B and many more. Mentor Beats has also scored TV ad's for McDonalds and Sharwoods, plus title music for TV programs including Nickelodeon's 'Control Freaks'. Mentor has also been involved in Training Courses and Workshops for various organisations including Point Blank, London School of Sound, BBC Blast, Fitzrovia Youth In Action and Actiondog.

In addition Mentor is also a household name on the UK radio and DJ circuit, and has hosted and produced various regular radio shows on BBC 1xtra, BBC Asian Network and currently on the newly branded Sunrise Radio 2, where he hosts the Breakfast show every weekday.

Mentor Beats feat Bikram Singh 'Pabh Chak' is out on iTunes now!


+2 #4 RE: Mentor Beats ft.Bikram Singh - Pabh Chak (Video)chinajatt 2013-12-12 09:25
its one of those songs that after a few listen you will like nice to see mentor doing [censored] tune bikram is not the best singerout there but his songs are good
Goat Rider
-3 #3 RE: Mentor Beats ft.Bikram Singh - Pabh Chak (Video)Goat Rider 2013-12-10 22:25
Bikram can't sing what so ever...he should just stick to is law-practice.
Truth hurts
0 #2 RE: Mentor Beats ft.Bikram Singh - Pabh Chak (Video)Truth hurts 2013-12-10 22:04
pointless song from two artists who are going NOWHERE in their careers...even though both are very talented.

Bikram - quit releasing random singles at random times. theres no thought process behind any song release. Please have MORE quality control over who you're giving your songs to.

mentor - you're better than this basic [censored] crap. your last song with jaswinder daghamia was shit too. why your label is even giving videos to these wack songs who knows? have you forgot how to produce? Go back to your mentor kolektiv days.. aka 'sada haal' - music with emotion

if you think im hating i dont care. just sick of two good artists releasing crap music.

this song isnt going to get played in a club, or a wedding or a social gathering. whats the point of it.
+2 #1 RE: Mentor Beats ft.Bikram Singh - Pabh Chak (Video)ranjhu 2013-12-08 21:27
Bikram is the best artist out of NA love it xxx

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