Kuljeet Chouhan ft Nick Dhammu - Hass Ke (Video)

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905 Records proudly presents the full video to the debut single from newcomer Kuljeet Chouhan entitled “Hass Ke” which is produced by world-renowned music director Nick Dhammu and written by talented lyricist Bawa Atwal.

In the ever–evolving music scene, newcomer Kuljeet Chouhan uses old school methods to hone his talent for long term success. With dedication to vocal exercises and involvement in the creative process of each of his songs, Kuljeet invites everyone on his musical journey with his first release “Hass Ke.”

This summer was packed with dance music, but Kuljeet teamed up with Nick Dhammu, the producer behind Sharry Mann’s “Yaar Anmulle,” to create a song not tied to musical trends, as he wants his songs to transcend time.

“Hass Ke” tells the tale of a young love. From exchanging glances on a busy street of his native town Toronto to bumping into to each other at a restaurant hot spot, Kuljeet’s love story is built on fate.

Adding to the music video are appearances by YouTube comedian JusReign and actor Rupan Bal who came out to support new and local talent.

Kuljeet Chouhan is an artist who remains brief in conversation, “I want people to recognize my music and my voice first. Photoshoots and lengthy biographies will come in due time. There is no point in distracting people when they come across my music. I want “Hass Ke” to put a smile on people’s faces and leave them wanting to share the song with friends.”

“Hass Ke” is now available on iTunes.


+2 #3 user123 2013-10-28 11:31
Vocals sound clean and music blends with thr track perfectly. I would say as a first release by kuljeet this is above average. 100% better than what comes out in the market right now. Also the video is clean no kanjariya showing off their assets and shamelessly dancing awayand also no fukrey guys trying to act tuff for no reason. All in all a very decent package all together (music,vovals,l yrics and the video)
Deep Singh
-3 #2 Deep Singh 2013-10-28 04:41
I didn't get one thing for a piece of jewelry hes wearing a rosary. A sikh sardar wearing a rosary, cmon now cant find no khande's in toronto ?
+3 #1 Realist. 2013-10-25 09:57
Based on the promo I was expecting it to be something decent
unfortunately it was just another boring release in the bhangra industry...noth ing new, nothing special, gets boring after about a minute of listening/ watching the video (didnt make full use of having Rupan and Jus Reign)...
Nick Dhammus can do a lot better than this!

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