Benny Dhaliwal - Aish Karo (Video)

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The bad boy of Bhangra Benny Dhaliwal who rose to fame with his hit album Va Vai Va is back with his second album Ghora 2, 8 track album with different sound and a variety of foot tapping tracks including a romantic ballad - watch the video Aish Karo from album here!

Three years on Benny has successfully completed his tour in the Middle East and ready to drop another smash hit album catering for his audiences across the world. Ghora 2 the title track written by writer Amrit Mangwalia is sure to be a party anthem dedicated to the Bhangra fans across the world. Aish Karo which is real personal track to Benny, will give you an insight of his inner thoughts and how he envisions life, alongside Aman Hayer's diverse thumping beats.

"This is an album we have really enjoyed making, and again this time round I feel the combination of me & Aman Hayer is sure to get dance floors rocking. I am personally very happy with every single track on this album. Feeling blessed this album will be shared with the fans very soon” ~Benny Dhaliwal


0 #5 chinajatt 2013-10-26 08:52
very bad album he should of taken more time aman hayer is rinsed by loads of singers i know hes gota make his money but he will ruined his name a good producer
Amli babu
+1 #4 Amli babu 2013-10-26 08:40
Nice to see his earnings from the VAT scam are going to nice use
+2 #3 raisa. 2013-10-25 21:40
What a load of crap, get 'your boys' to buy make it on the charts job done. The worst album of the year .
0 #2 Pala78 2013-10-25 00:41
poor music, same old weak beats by aman hayer he is past his best
+4 #1 ishara 2013-10-21 01:33
Whats with the obsession with horses?

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