King G Mall ft. Various - Boliyan (Video)

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Watch the full video Dedicated to Devraj Jassal featuring Singer Late Devraj Jassal, Roop Samrai & King G Mall.  Mc: Dholi Simon Singh - Music by: King G Mall & Sharni Virdee.

Video by: Solostevee - Venue: Parkland Banqueting Suite.
Dhol Blasters - Sanjeet Dhami, Vijay Salan, Anil Rai,
Ajaib Singh, Runveer Singh, Parshotam Ral


+7 #1 Realist. 2013-10-16 18:21
If its dedicated to the Late Great Dev Raj Jassal, why does G Mall have to make himself the centre of attention (as always)...this guy might be a great dholi or whatever but hes an extremely annoying uncle, who releases some proper wack cheesy songs and videos!

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