Miss Pooja - Singh Mukayan Nahin Mukne (Video)

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Watch the full video to Singh Mukayan Nahin Mukne by Miss Pooja coming off the album Sodhi De Vrat Rakh Lai , out on the T-Series label.

Album Name: Sodhi De Vrat Rakh Lai

Singer: Miss Pooja

Composer: Jassi Brothers

Author: S.S. Anchal

Music Label: T-Series


0 #2 laddi123 2013-10-01 10:25
Shes gone oldd :o
+4 #1 Realist. 2013-09-30 14:07
Consumers got bored of her singing/ duets so she tried her hand at movies (they flopped) so now shes going full circle back to dharmic songs, where she first started her musical journey to try to win back some release will probably be a song/movie about alcohol, jatts, or flirting...shes no different from any other 'bhangra artist'

Please dont raise your [censored]ren/ younger siblings to idolise any musician-they will be dissapointed, too many mixed messages...too much greed

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