Tigerstyle ft Kaur B - Zulfaan De Naag (Video)

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Watch the full video to 'Zulfaan De Naag' by Tigerstyle feat Kaur B. The song comes from the album 'Digi-Bhang' - which is out now on iTunes!


+2 #9 Sonu1 2013-10-07 07:22
Shit song. Shit video. Shit artists.
+3 #8 Rajj 2013-09-28 13:22
How much can these stupid singhs keep experimenting with fusion bhangra, it isn't working. They are so over-rated. They only get hype because of what they did in the past and have that establishment of Tigerstyle. It's an average song with a video with no resembalance to the song what so ever.
Sound Warrior
+2 #7 Sound Warrior 2013-09-27 15:50
Track is ok..I like experimental sounds..though bits sound similar to their 'kudi' track..just different tone. I feel like their magic is fading.
The video is absolute 'tatti'.
No creative appeal. No relation to song.
No feeling. school project gone wrong.
I've seen much worse, but still. tiger..where the style?
+1 #6 AmanS 2013-09-27 11:26
Rubbish video
Unknown Dj
+2 #5 Unknown Dj 2013-09-26 22:48
K.S. Makhan is a joke. He put a Turban on 2 months ago and now he is a saint? His video's were way worse than this. Plus he was a drug dealer involved in the Lower mainland drug scene were many people died including people that had nothing to do with drugs.
+7 #4 Realist. 2013-09-26 12:54
LOL fair play maybe i was being harsh however, in the start of the video their brand Saint Soldier comes up showing an amritari singh on horseback, then it shows tigerstyle (2 singhs in bana sitting there)...then the next few scenes and zooming on a girls midriff and her trampstamp tattoo...and the lyrics arent exactly something my bibi would want to hear lol...

It basically comes down to 2 singhs releasing music which shouldnt be assosiated with singhs, you would never see Kaka Mohanwalia releasing this, nor would the new reformed KS Makhan (if they did there would be an outcry)...Tiger style are trying to be edgy and modern but you can be classy while doing it as well, look at ik banere (extrememly well recieved)...dec ent video, decent lyrics and d it was appreciated by the audience, nobody asked why they didnt have a club scene, or girls dancing around becuase its not necessary for tigerstyle to appeal to horny men to sell singles, their music is good enough
manu sara petha
+4 #3 manu sara petha 2013-09-26 12:38
Video wack / song wack production tigerstyle isn't as good as theyy used to be.

Have seen loads more worse videos, thanks.
-3 #2 M1ka 2013-09-26 12:35
I ain't really a fan of Tigerstyle cos they're sellouts and hate on the majority of newcomers but what part of the video is the girl half naked in?

Get a grip mate, what are you 12 years old? She's showing her stomach in one scene and her legs in the other and that means she's half naked?

Maybe you should consider either traveling back in time to when a girl showing any form of flesh was unacceptable or move to a country which is governed by Sharia Law.
+12 #1 Realist. 2013-09-26 11:56
These singhs need to have some shame they could easily have had a clean family friendly video yet they choose to have half naked girls dancing about...once again theyre going to say its the girls choice, and that shes not an 'apney' so its OK(both things theyve said before)

Raj made such a big deal about Lightnin MC having a wack song and a besti video...but he forget that tigerstyle worked with Lord Munmeet, and their videos arent exactly clean themselves!

They just get away with the criticising because theyre established, when in actual fact their just as bad if not worse, as they should be setting the trend for new-age music BUT still having family freindly videos...the productions always good, the videos are generally wack, and a lot of the vocalists they work with need proper training: look what they did with Sidhu Tajpuri, he had to be taken under tru-skools wings to get him back to his roots, tigerstlye just had him releasing crap

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