DJ Dips Presents Aman Thind - Clubban Vich (Video)

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Watch the full video to 'Clubban Vich the new single by DJ Dips featuring Aman Thind out now via 4Play Recordings.

Over the last few years, DJ Dips has played an important part in supporting and showcasing up-and-coming acts in the early stages of their musical careers. These include Nav Sidhu, Arun Sidhu and of course Garry Sandhu with whom Dips delivered major hits 'Tohar', 'Din Raat' and most recently 'Tere Wargi', a collaboration with H-Dhami. The DJ/Producer is taking this a step further with his next project - 'DJ Dips presents'. For this series Dips and 4Play Recordings will be releasing songs solely with new artists and voices, giving them their first break into the industry.

The latest act to mark his debut with DJ Dips is singer Aman Thind with the release of Bhangra track -

Singer and writer Aman, is originally from Punjab and has been a keen writer from a young age. Having penned his own lyrics, he was encouraged by friends to also sing his own songs. Having undergone vocal training for the last few years, he finally felt he was ready to launch his singing career and approached Dips. With DJ Dips providing the bhangra beats and melodies, Aman makes his debut and showcases his robust desi vocals on the lively track 'Clubban Vich'. He is also working with DJ Dips on songs for his forthcoming debut album for which he has also written all the songs.

'Clubban Vich' is out now on 4Play Recordings.


T singh
0 #5 T singh 2013-10-12 18:19
One word

0 #4 Realist. 2013-10-12 17:28
0.25 loool wtf is she doing???

didnt even finish the whole song, this guys trying too hard to be Garry Sandhu!
0 #3 truthteller 2013-10-12 16:25
the girl looks like she's seducing Aman thind.....i mean what the hell
0 #2 Rajj 2013-09-08 14:48
Expected more from Dips. This tune is crap.
+8 #1 Aneela 2013-09-07 23:48
Oh piss off dips this is crap, his music is the same old boring beats and then you've got an awful singer. Both of you take your shades off!

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