Aman Sarang feat Dr Zeus - Saahan (Video)

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E3UK Records are proud to present the video to ‘Saahan’ the debut single by singing sensation Aman Sarang, alongside internationally known Dr Zeus!

Hailing from Punjab, but now residing in the UK, Aman Sarang has had a rich musical upbringing from a young age. At college, Aman Sarang began his musical tutelage under renowned Ustaad BS Narang. Under his expert guidance, Aman Sarang was taught the intricacies of ghazal singing, vocal control & musical instruments.

Aman Sarang was taken under the guidance of world famous music producer Dr Zeus, who has been behind some of the biggest South-Asian songs of the past decade. Under his wing, he has been working on his debut single ‘Saahan’ which is set to release under E3UK Records.

The soulful number has been given the special Dr Zeus musical stamp; featuring long time collaborators Shortie & Fateh.

The video to Saahan has been shot and directed by Sunny Dhinsey (Filmlore)


-4 #7 Rajj 2013-09-02 15:34
Should've stayed in Punjab, can't sing at all and just to annoy us that little more, once again Shortie was featured on the track AGAIN. Seriously Zeus I hope you can read this, stop recycling your tunes and divorce Shortie.
Sanj A
-1 #6 Sanj A 2013-09-01 19:15
I think the rap was ok in this song. Nice track overall. Pretty decent video too.
+1 #5 Weeman 2013-09-01 12:50
I can't imagine Dr. Zues without Shortie :-) Shortie is a natural part of Dr. Zues's music. I personally like Shortie.

Seems like that Young Fateh is also becoming a fixed part of Dr. Zues.
+3 #4 Aneela 2013-09-01 11:50
i quite liked this song, I just didn't like fateh's and shortie's bit. zeus is a talented guy he just needs to work with the right people and not shide boss
Ranjit Singh.
+1 #3 Ranjit Singh. 2013-09-01 11:04
Good track but the rapping everytime is getting so annoying, need to stop spoils the song.

Interesting comment below seems they have to be part and parcel of every track!
+2 #2 Realist. 2013-09-01 09:37
What is up with Zeus and his constant use on Shortie in every damn song! he scared to tell him that he cant feauture in the track or something? Or did he sign a contract which he cant back out of?
-1 #1 jsb 2013-08-31 21:02
i liked it until the black guy started rapping

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