Sabi Brar - Fresh (Video)

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Following the massive success of his single 'Senorita' Sarbjit Singh Brar also known as Sabi Brar is now set to release his latest single ‘Fresh’, watch the full video here!

Sabi started singing at an early age of 14 years with his friends and has received a lot of compliments about his voice from his friends and family which then inspired him to further his music career.

Talking about the song Sabi Brar stated:

During many of his performances Sabi Brar noticed that the audiance wanted his next song to be more upbeat or uptempo, that's when he decided to give the audience something new and "fresh".

The song Fresh is based on his own experience. He lived for a few years in the UK. In the UK Freshy is a common term which refers to immigrants. People often asked him when he came to the UK. As English wasn't his first language They never believed the fact that he wasnt actually a "freshy"...
Hence the lyric "Fresh Fresh Lagga Tenu Mein Par Freshy Nai Me Kuriye".....


Goat Rider
+4 #6 RE: Sabi Brar - Fresh (Video)Goat Rider 2013-09-07 00:19
Quoting HappyMunda:
This is GOOD! Cmon, give the guy credit yaar.Imraan Khaan is a has-been and is sooo past it now.

Lol seriously? This guy sings attempts to sing exactly like Imran. They both have horrible vocals. The only people who like his song are those who are his groupies or people from the village who think every type of "Urban Punjabi" song is awesome.
-4 #5 RE: Sabi Brar - Fresh (Video)HappyMunda 2013-09-06 20:01
This is GOOD! Cmon, give the guy credit yaar.Imraan Khaan is a has-been and is sooo past it now.
-1 #4 RE: Sabi Brar - Fresh (Video)Nikkon 2013-08-28 11:33
F@cking Freshi!
-4 #3 RE: Sabi Brar - Fresh (Video)Nigel 2013-08-28 10:06
reminds me of sat sandhu
-2 #2 RE: Sabi Brar - Fresh (Video)gulli1 2013-08-27 00:44
he does sing better than Imran though
pavinder singh k
+5 #1 RE: Sabi Brar - Fresh (Video)pavinder singh k 2013-08-24 17:33
what a tataa sat thinks hes imran khan

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