Satwinder Birdi - Duaawan (Video)

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Watch the video for 'Duwaan' by Satwinder Birdi - With music by Manpal Singh. The single is out now on Vanjhali Records


Satwinder Birdi back with his new song "Duaawan" which is a romantic song with a great concept of video that portrays the song lyrics, the lyrics and composition was done by Satwinder Birdi himself. Music is produced by Manpal Singh (india) and this song has been distributed with copyrights and officially released by Vanjhali Records.

After the release of a couple of songs known as "Khut Khut", "Sajna Da Naam" and "Tusi Bewafa" from Dj Sanj's album Bad Boyz this is the next release from Satwinder Birdi as he took time out to work on new music and build up on his self as an artist with more responsibility to make good music for his fans. New songs shall be releasing from him in the future alongside Dj Sanj who is about to release the album American Desi 2 with a song named "Vaaleti Daru" which is sung and written by Satwinder Birdi and not to forget the solo music projects he has worked on which are ready to release in the future so keep an eye out for the future releases of Satwinder Birdi's songs.


Ziyan Birdi
-1 #3 RE: Satwinder Birdi - Duaawan (Video)Ziyan Birdi 2013-08-29 19:57
Kyaa baath aa Birdi saab. Awesome aand So GOOD!!
Halima ali
-3 #2 RE: Satwinder Birdi - Duaawan (Video)Halima ali 2013-08-29 19:55
Such a amazing song. great feeling listening to this. Jeeyo satwinder birdi. :-)
pop star
0 #1 RE: Satwinder Birdi - Duaawan (Video)pop star 2013-08-08 11:32
Defo this guy can sing! like this project!


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