Roshan Prince & Japji Khera - Vaaja (Video)

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Watch the video to Vaaja featuring Roshan Prince & Japji Khera from FMGG or Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad, a romantic drama - combine Roshan Prince, Bhanushree Mehra, Japji Khaira and a funny plot and you get a laughing riot.

Song: Vaaja

Singer: Roshan Prince

Lyrics: Jaggi Singh

Music: Jaggi singh

Music Label: T-Series

Associate Producer: A Dashmesh Movies Production

PTC Motion Pictures is a branch of PTC Networks, The Banner will be producing & releasing Punjabi Feature Films, for the avid Punjabi viewer. The banner plans to produce and release 3 to 4 movies every year, while exploring and working on different genres of movies that will be rooted in wholesome family entertainment, apart from roping in established film stars and directors, there are plans to give fresh talent a break too. PTC Motion Pictures is all set to launch its debut movie, Fer mamla gadbad gadbad (FMGG).

FMGG or Fer mamla gadbad gadbad, is a romantic drama, combine Roshan Prince, Bhanushree Mehra, Japji Khaira and a funny plot and you get a laughing riot.! Fer Mamla Gadbad-Gadbad’ is a romantic-comedy story revolving around an aspiring actor ‘Jassi’ (Roshan Prince) who's aim is making a movie and launch himself as an‘actor’, so that he could get to marry his soulmate ‘Roop’ (Bhanushree Mehra) and to fulfill his dreams, he starts doing unlawful activities and makes easy-money by creating dramas.

During one such ‘drama’, he ends up breaking the marriage of ‘Geet’ (Japji Khaira) and coincidentally gets married to her by force by the village people… And now he has “Two” girls in his life…

Will he end up with his love or his unexpected life partner…

The shooting of FMGG was as fun as the movie itself, Roshan being a funny person made sure that the entire crew's morale was always high, and also due to the sheer number of artists in this movie, there was a lot of varying personalities on the set, which made sure that the environment on the set was always vibrant and fun.

In the lead role is Roshan Prince, a well known singer/actor/composer/lyricist and music director

in the world of Punjabi cinema, Roshan Prince has a huge fan following in Punjab.

Born on 12-09-1981 in Banga Punjab, he has achieved a lot in the world of Punjabi music and cinema.

Some of his achievements are

The Title of "Awaaz Punjab Di-2005"

It was a popular talent hunt competition organised by Channel MH1 in year 2005. Around 50,000 competitors particpated allover india .

Winner Of SA RE GA MA

In year 2000 SA RE GA MA was the talent hunt show organised by the channel Alpha Punjabi (presently zee punjabi).

c. PTC Music Awards

Got the Best Folk Pop Album n Most Popular Song RANG PAKKA Award in 2011

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