Mirika Singh feat.Tigerstyle - Samjhayea Dil (Video)

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Watch the latest video by Mirika Singh featuring music by Tigerstyle to the track Samjhayea Dil coming off the recent album titled Teriyan Mulahjedaariyan , out on the Speed Records Label.

Song - Samjhayea Dil

Artist - Mirika Singh

Concieved & Lyrics - Bunty Bains

Music- Tigerstyle

Dop - Vikcee

Video Dir - Azeem.I.Parker

Producer - Ruby-Dinesh,

Label- Speed Records


Goat Rider
0 #2 Goat Rider 2013-06-19 09:10
She dances the same way in every video she's in -.-
+5 #1 Realist, 2013-06-17 22:48
This is such a wack vocal, and the vocalists 'dancing'/ moving to the beat wasnt any better than her singing.

Fair enough Tigerstyles full time occupation is production and they have to make money to put food on the table; but at the same time they have to be willing to take criticism for a lot of the artists they work with having 'besharam' videos and/ or lyrics...they have a choice to set guidelines when working with an artist as it is their name which makes consumers click on the link and listen to the music!

What makes it more hurtful is that both of them are singhs and if any other artist who was a full amritari singh was releasing music like this (it has their name in the title-they make money from sales)...there would be a public outcry, but due to Tigerstyle having been in the industry for so long theyre immune to criticism & theyre also very quick to pass the blame to others ('we arent the ones dancing half naked its the girl')

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