SUN E ft. Jaswinder Dhagamia - Asi Punjabi (Video)

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Watch the full video by SUN E Dodecahedron featuring the vocals of Jaswinder Dhagamia to the track Asi Punjabi which is Out Now via itunes!

Representing ether or the so-called fifth element, The Dodecahedron has for centuries been regarded as the key to the universe, a perfect example of the golden number making it the most perfect geometrical shape of all. For centuries Plato, Aristotle and the greats acknowledged the 12-sided sphere as a model of perfection representing, infinity and completion.

Although ‘Asi Panjabi’ is his premiere foray into the world as a solo artist, Sun E Dodecahedron is seasoned performer who’s skills have been called upon to add a new dimension to over 40 hit songs for Aman Hayer, Babbu Maan, Malkit Singh, K.S Makhan, J.K.D, Javed Bashir, Navraj Hans and Kam Frantic. Preparing for the release of a full album ‘Sun E Dodecahedron’s Possessed’ in two months time, Sun E is launching with an all-encompassing assault visually, aurally and musically.

The new single ‘Asi Panjabi’ although homage to traditional straight down the line bhangra lyrically, is a softer opening to the sound of the rest of the album. Featuring experimental nuances of trap music, complextro, glitchy house vibes and sweeping bass lines, Sun E D’s sound is like no other.

The single ‘Asi Panjabi’ features a cameo by Kam Bhamra and a visually astounding video – powerful, controversial and in your face…a true reflection of Sun E D’s imaginaries of madness.

Currently a assistant creative producer at the Grange Studio’s, Birmingham, under the tuition of celebrated producer Angus Campbell, Sun E is an accomplished composer, producer and flautist as well as a writer.

His vision for the album is one that marries experimental soundscapes presented for a mass audience on a commercial platform. Having a penchant for electronic music, Sun E has also a love of classical ancient instruments and is preparing to utilise sounds he has collected and instruments he has learnt over the years to present to audiences.

He will be releasing a second single as part of the campaign for the album ‘Sun E Dodecahedron’s Possessed’. Join the madness.


pop star
+1 #10 pop star 2013-06-07 09:33
ok you can tell he has really sat down and thought about this.

and asked him self 'how can i make my self look like a complete plonka, hard man, and mix it up and look like i am from mortal kombat computer game...

Result: this pile of crap!

Vocal 0/10
Music: 0/10
Video 0/10!!

put a sock in it :-x
0 #9 MrSingh78 2013-06-06 11:06
What a load of shit!
Goat Rider
+3 #8 Goat Rider 2013-06-03 07:56
Good effort, it's definitely something new. It isn't something I would generally listen to but it's better than the repetitive style of music coming out of the industry. The video was kinda entertaining to watch..but i'm not really a big fan of the "tough punjabi" kinda stuff. The rapping wasn't that great, but all together it was a nice effort. Best of luck to this guy.

--The goat has spoken.
+2 #7 Rajj 2013-06-01 13:39
Not sure about this one...Its not something I would listen too but not hating on it either. Good effort for the video but the guy looks like he is on crack. Seems like Jaswinder sang the song to make a couple of bucks and couldnt be bothered to star in the video.
-1 #6 rajg12 2013-05-31 11:19
Crazy tune! Very different something the industry needs compared to everyone else using folk dancers, half naked women in clubs and the same damn beat. Hes managed to clash bhangra beats and the 21st century, up to date, outside the box, llets hope it continues!

To the narrow minded 'honestly' whos name is honestly and realisticlly unknown, if you didnt quite catch it at the begining of the page, the video was based on his name, the whole point of videos is it catch peoples attention. He isnt new to the industry he must know what hes doing. What producer doesnt mime out words?

Raping might need work but relating it to earlier work its ok

All in all good job, happy to see difference
+2 #5 Honestly 2013-05-30 17:44
Video is silly:

1)SunE looks like a prat miming and wearing glasses. His facial expressions and acting is terrible

2)no link to the music..might as well have just an album cover on screen..

3) The song is quite boring just your standard lyrics and music....

2/10...Jaswinder is a good singer and at least the song remains in beat...
+5 #4 Realist, 2013-05-30 14:45
Lyrically its alright but the video concept is nothing to do with the lyrics...and doesnt even make might be creative but you cant have a few guys with swords and then some girl with face jewellery, some guy body popping and some shit cgi lightning...eit her be the total opposite of the lyrics or stick to the script...dont pick and choose a few concepts and cram them into 3 minutes

BUT its still better than standing in a club with sunglasses on clapping your hands!
+4 #3 tigerjatt 2013-05-29 22:02
video is fooking sick, music is different but ok, rapping sucks.
good effort

Pen Di
+4 #2 Pen Di 2013-05-29 21:58
Not bad. Creative
+4 #1 ranjot 2013-05-29 21:47
this is weird but interesting, not sure about this one :/

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