Kanth Kaler - Armaan (Video)

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Watch the full video to Armaan by Kanth Kaler who is back with a brand new album titled 'Armaan - Endless Quest of Love', video by Neepin Film . The album is out worldwide via iTunes!

Track:- Armaan (Sanu V)

Album:- Armaan-the endless quest of love

Artist:- Kanth Kaler

Lyrics:- Nikka Raipuri

Music:- Kamal Kaler

Video:- Neepin Film

Producer:- Pinky Dhaliwal

Label:- Amar Audio

Amar Audio are proud to present the brand new album from Kanth Kaler, Armaan: The Endless Quest of Love.

Regarded as one of the most melodious vocalists of his generation, Kanth Kaler again showcases his versatility on this 9 track album.

From Sufi to Romantic ballads, Sad songs to up tempo Folk, the album offers something for all Panjabi music fans worldwide.

Armaan: The Endless Quest of Love, has been put together under the guidance of Amar Audio’s Pushpinderpal Singh Dhaliwal and features three videos directed by Rimpy-Prince, who brings the visual elements of Armaan to life.

Armaan: The Endless Quest of Love is out now & available via all major digital music stores.


sonal kapoor
0 #4 RE: Kanth Kaler - Armaan (Video)sonal kapoor 2014-03-28 14:28
Sare vera nu Armaan album diyan bht bht mubraka rab chardikala rakhe gud luck ustad kanthkaler g.............. ....
Hunny Kaur
-3 #3 RE: Kanth Kaler - Armaan (Video)Hunny Kaur 2013-05-19 18:28
You lot talk so much rubbish - know your music - this is a very good album and very good music
-1 #2 RE: Kanth Kaler - Armaan (Video)Weeman 2013-05-17 13:15
I like Kaler Kanth. But ever since he stopped working with the genius Gurmit Singh and instead started to work with his brother Kamal Kaler, the quality of the music dropped tremendously.
pop star
-2 #1 pop star 2013-05-17 13:12
Video Starts off with a over size violin.. and crazy girl playing likes she is giving a hand job...

video nothing great!... very repetitive!!!

good vocal but not keen on the track

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