DEA ft. Surinder Shinda - Jeona Morh (Video)

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Check out the full video for 'Jeona Morh' by DEA featuring the legendary Surinder Shinda! Surinder Shinda has re-sung the classic for DEA & the single is out now on iTunes!

Jeona Morh (Indi Singh Soor Algoza Master) [feat. Surinder Shinda] - Single - Dhol Enforcement Agency


0 #5 Weeman 2013-04-18 21:10
Quoting Weeman:
Butchered a classic!

Stop taking my name :-)
0 #4 Weeman 2013-04-18 21:02
Butchered a classic!
+2 #3 mainuux 2013-04-18 19:22
Another mess of a classic tune ruined it
-5 #2 RE: DEA ft. Surinder Shinda - Jeona Morh (Video)Velly_Jatt 2013-04-18 17:14
Ive just seen the video n heard the track. i was skeptical at first because its such a classic but this remake isn't bad! The algozey sound ski and Surinder shinda has sang well as always :)
+2 #1 Realist. 2013-04-18 17:13
WTF...trying a bit too hard with the over-the-top production, this sounds wack.

Respect for the ability to play instruments but work on the production aspect

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