Diljit Dosanjh ft. JSL Singh - Raj Karega Khalsa (Video)

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'Sikh Vol 2' is the latest album by Diljit Dosanjh, out Vaisakhi 2013, watch the full video Raj Karega Khalsa here!

The album is follow up to the hugely successful album 'Sikh' which released in 2012; Diljit Dosanjh and JSL Singh team up again.. This time in Sikh 2 for the track titled Raj Karega Khalsa, which is being released on the Speed Records (India).

Diljit Dosanjh released 'Sikh' in April 2012, which was lead by the fantastic single 'Gobind De Laal'.


+5 #2 Weeman 2013-04-13 13:26
Great video, good production by JSL and good performance by Diljit. And for those who might be wondering, no, this is not (only) because of the religious content in the video.
+2 #1 Realist. 2013-04-13 11:52
Wish he'd stop acting the clown in punjabi movies...his dharmic and folk stuff is in a class of its own...

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