Various Artists - Guru Maneo Granth (Video)

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"Guru Maneo Granth (Consider the Granth to be the Guru)"

Music producer & radio host Nick Chowlia has collaborated with over 30 prominent names from the music scene in North America to produce and mastermind this unique religious project - watch the video here!

‘Guru Maneo Granth’ is probably the largest collaboration ever released and highlights the talents of singers and musicians from the Punjabi music industry in Vancouver.

It’s been a personal goal for me and I’d like to thank all my brothers and sisters who have played an important role in helping me put this single together. It’s a very small token of appreciation to the Sikh Panth,” explained Nick, “the essential elements of the track are not solely based on the sacred hymns of the Sikh Gurbani, but also incorporate the basic harmony of spiritualism which will appeal to all types of faiths and beliefs”.

‘Guru Maneo Granth’ carries a deep philosophic message with a focus on educating and empowering today’s youth about the fifth largest religion in the world, Sikhism.

‘Guru Maneo Granth’ will be released to coincide with the 314th celebration of the Khalsa Panth being founded. A video to support the song is also airing around the same time and will feature all of the artists and musicians who have contributed towards the soundtrack.
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Nick Chowlia


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