Binder Pasla & Jind Mahi - Kanjuce (Full Video)

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Bhangra’s latest sensation Jind Mahi and Desi vocalist Binder Pasla are back with their new fun track ‘Kanjuce’ [Stingy] – a quirky and humourous single about husbands, wives, their friends and a gentleman’s close relationship with, wait for it, his money. watch the Full Video here.

Punctuated with household banter across the melody, the everyday calamities of a cheap skate man makes the perfect anecdote for this lively ditty. Everything from his embarrassing behaviour at family functions to the stress he feels when parting with his beloved pennies is captured impeccably by Jind Mahi in this clever, witty and upbeat track. The song builds to a crescendo delivering a meaningful message: that a ‘Kanjuce’ [stingy person] will always live an inhibited life unless he parts with some of his money and lives life to the full.

The track features vocals by Jind Mahi’s father Binder Pasla, a Bhangra veteran, and is produced by Jind Mahi. Previous releases have included "Saday Naal", which was Jind's vocal debut and the hit "English Daru", which was his first official release on the Three Records label, set up by international urban Bhangra/Bollywood group RDB. Binder is an experienced vocalist and songwriter behind hit tracks such as ‘Yaari’, ‘Oh Preeti’ and ‘Sajna’ and has worked with several high-profile producers, including RDB, DJ H and E=MC.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the new track Jind Mahi says: ‘The song originated from a household debate regarding which gender was guilty of being the most Kanjuce. Within minutes of the discussion, including a long list from my Mum, it became evident that the males are definitely the guilty party in this area. I had an amazing experience making this song and video, with many laughs along the way and I hope you enjoy legally purchasing it!;).’

Binder Pasla says simply about the track: ‘The moral of the story is to be happy, enjoy life and don't be Kanjuce - YOLO!’

A man can be said to be stingy when he fails to fulfill his financial and material obligations to his spouse/girlfriend or immediate family even though he has got the means. A stingy man is the one who runs away from spending when he goes out with friends. Such men are so miserly that they are even tight-fisted to themselves. They buy the cheapest of clothing, eat junk food and hoard their money in savings accounts. Such men avoid buying expensive gifts for their partners and even pretend to forget their birthdays. Such men are so stingy that they always cook up a financial crisis story whenever it is getting close to a major holiday like Christmas and New Year. A stingy man will avoid paying the bills or insist on splitting the bills anytime he takes you out. Such a guy believes in collecting from you rather than giving. []

An amusing quote sums up a stingy (Kanjuce) man as the following: ‘Collecting money from a stingy guy is like throwing your hook into an ocean of one fish. You are likely not to come up with anything. However, if you do it right, you could turn that stingy boyfriend or guy into a money printing press.’

Kanjuce - Single - Binder Pasla & Jind Mahi


Sony 22
0 #6 Sony 22 2013-04-08 23:55
Binder and Jind looking fab!
Video is funny and song is really catchy!
Keep up the amazing music guys! x
+1 #5 Sussie. 2013-04-07 17:46
Dj played this today loved it really good idea something different xx
+3 #4 Tally 2013-04-05 13:59
PHAT TUNE...resprese nting the NORTH of England. Big UP Binder Pasla & Jind Mahi. Some of the best percussion in a track I've heard in a LONG time!
Preet Singh
+7 #3 Preet Singh 2013-04-04 23:37
Realist u need to stop hating and get out more. They clearly used the. bar setting as it's easy to illustrate a stingy guy there. Also, are u kidding u don't think this video is funny? The lead male is hilarious and acts exactly like one of my Kanjuce mates. The reason u don't find it funny is for you're probably the tight joker out of your friends lol

Top song, top production, top video, ideal for a wedding
-8 #2 Realist. 2013-04-04 18:21
What is these guys fascination with alcohol??? Fair enough your last song was called English Daru (was a wack song) so obviously you'd have an alcohol related video. But for this 'Kanjuce' song, s[censored]d some more money yourself lads and get a better video director and concept...this should have been a funny video...
Manj Singh.
+9 #1 Manj Singh. 2013-04-04 18:14
Banging tune, going to smash it at weddings, good to see something different, how long before someone else comes up something similar!

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