Jazz Sahota - Chanjara (Video)

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Watch the FULL VIDEO to Jazz Sahota's debut single 'Chanjara', the single represents her unique style and versatile voice, is out now on itunes!.

Jazz Sahota is An Aspiring UK born female Panjabi Folk Singer and Lyricist who is passionate about her heritage. She is wanting to express this passion through her distinctive singing voice and she has accomplished that with her DEBUT Single 'Chanjara'.

Chanjara is a fun loving, up beat single which is suitable for all ages groups and genders. Its concept was put together by Jazz herself as she wanted her Debut Single to represent her versatile voice.

Various folk artists inspire Jazz, one who is particularly close to her heart; Sardarni Narinder Biba ji. Biba ji's phenomenal "hehk" has sent a craze of inspiration into Jazz's mind which is reflected in her choice of lyrics and singing style for her forthcoming releases.

Now, having completed her first Official Debut, Jazz hopes to win the hearts of all Panjabi folk Music lovers with her unique style..

Chanjara is available for download on iTunes now.

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