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Geeta Zaildar ft. Aman Hayer - Raula Paa Dena (Video)

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Watch the video for 'Raula Paa Dena', by Geeta Zaildar produced by Aman Hayer coming off the album titled 'Heartbeat 2'.

The album has been produced by Aman Hayer & Prabh Near and is out via iTunes and other digital stores.

Track Listing

1 Fitt Suit Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer

2 Roula Pa Dena Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer

3 Nain Marde Lishkan Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer

4 Single (feat. Blitz) Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer

5 White Suit 2 Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer

6 Bappu Ji Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer

7 Mukh Na Modin Geeta Zaildar & Prabh Near

8 Nain Marde Lishkan (Remix) Geeta Zaildar & Prabh Near


-1 #1 Realist. 2013-02-07 22:38
Not a fan of this song, but before i get labelled an Aman Hayer hater! I think everyone should check out the link below of The Entourage Live Band doing their thing with Angrej Ali, you got to love this guy he has an amazing voice and a great personality and clear passion for what he does.

More of the live stuff please, and somebody please get Mr Angrej a good set of lyrics for his next song he deserves to have a 'smash hit' in the industry!

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