John Nagra feat Muzical Doctorz - Hikk (Video)

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Having introduced himself on 'The Ladies Anthem' alongside Miss Pooja & Sudesh Kumari, John Nagra releases 'Hikk' his debut single - out now on iTunes! - Watch the video here!

John Nagra releases his smash new single “Hikk” (Produced by Muzical Doctorz – Producers of Sharry Mann's Gulab and Amar Sajaalpuri's album Red Alert). With rave reviews for “Hikk” John Nagra is destined be a major Star in the Bhangra scene.

John Nagra is originally from Punjab, India and now resides in Leicester. He was given his first opportunity to be launched in the UK by record label “Organised Rhyme” with the support of internationally acclaimed producer “Northern Lights”.

John was introduced in "The Ladies Anthem", the musical brainchild of “Northern Lights”, which made history by bringing together “Miss Pooja” and “Sudesh Kumari” for the first time. John feels this the perfect time to introduce himself to the world as a solo artist.

John Nagra will be touring very soon with interest from promoters and artists alike for him to feature on their roster! 2013 will be a huge year for John Nagra as he marks his stamp on the Bhangra scene. Also look out for some colossal features with some of your favourite artists!

John Nagra - Hikk - Out Now via iTunes

For more information about John Nagra and his music please visit;

Hikk (feat. Muzical Doctorz) - Single - John Nagra


-1 #5 gullu 2013-02-21 00:51
One word for this video and that is "SPUNKFEST"

nice tune though!
Goat Rider
+1 #4 Goat Rider 2013-02-18 10:05
Good vocals, Gotta agree with Raj and Talvider44, the tough guy act is old and whack. He'd get scraped in a second in my neighborhood.
+1 #3 Rajj 2013-02-12 00:37
Apart from the fact he has no muscles, looks ridiculously stupid with his tough guy image his vocals aren't that bad
-4 #2 dijit. 2013-02-08 22:38
This Is Real Music! #No.Fukri #No.Bullshit?
+2 #1 Talvinder44 2013-02-07 15:01
I only realised today that 'Ladies Anthem' had a male chorus in it looool! never heard the song in full before :sad:

I like this guys vocals, muzical doctorz r sikk producers!!

but the whole 'strong man' video/song thing is out of something better!!

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