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DJ Gurps ft Manak-E - Ous Kurri 2 (Full Video)

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Dj Gurps returns back with Ous Kurri 2! Following the massive success on Ous Kurri from his album 'Expectations', the new single features Manak-E check out the full video here!

‘Ous Kurri 2’ has been shot throughout 3 locations in UK – just like his previous videos; this video is also a high quality video and features some great visuals.

‘Ous Kurri 2’ is the second single to be released from DJ Gurps forthcoming album ‘Headline Act’. The brand new single sees DJ Gurps return after the success of the first single from the forthcoming album, ‘Gabru Gulaab Warga’, which featured the vocals of Manjit Sohi and was released in March 2012. Like DJ Gurps previous tracks, ‘Ous Kurri Part 2’ is also set to create new waves worldwide.


+1 #4 XxNISxX 2012-12-04 21:05
omg they actually used a beautifull curvy full figured girl!! :lol:
pop star
+5 #3 pop star 2012-11-19 13:52
0/10 what a load crap!
+8 #2 0000 2012-11-18 01:19
Dj gurps cannot produce n he defnitely cannot act, seriously what is he doin in the video
+3 #1 dbhangrahead 2012-11-18 00:48
Manak-E deserves better than this.

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