Roach Killa - Hey Luv (Full Video)

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Roach Killa returns with the release of much anticipated new single ‘Hey Luv’on Moviebox Records, watch Full Video here!

Canadian rapper Roach Killa has been one of the stand-out performers of 2012. Earlier this year, he smashed the Asian music charts with ‘Oh Girl’, after a string of previous hits including ‘Dil De De’, ‘Din Raat’ and his number one single ‘Yaara Dildara’.

The star returns with the release of much anticipated new single ‘Hey Luv’, which releases today (6th September) on Moviebox Records. Produced by the talented Vee, Roach continues where he left off from ‘Oh Girl’, with a catchy chorus laced with his Punjabi and English vocals, over a laid back R&B beat. In customary Roach Killa fashion, ‘Hey Luv’ will be ringing in your ears over and over again, with it’s fun and vibrant feel.

Roach comments on his latest release: “’Hey Luv’ is a simple song, it’s playful and I want my fans to have fun while they’re listening to it. I’ve teamed up with Vee, who is a huge talent in the studio. We’ve created a track which has a bit of everything, pop, R&B, Punjabi lyrics...a little something for everyone!”

Roach Killa achieved over 700,000 hits on ‘Oh Girl’ and his recent rise hasn’t gone unnoticed. The rapper has been asked to perform at the prestigious Global Indian Music Awards (GIMA) in Mumbai next month, proving that even as a non-Bollywood artist, he is making waves in South Asia.

Roach adds: “Who knows, maybe I will do something in Bollywood soon. They like my tracks out in India and I’ve been in touch with some great people over there. I’m honoured to be performing at the GIMAs next month and spreading my music to new territories.”


prab kunvar
+1 #5 prab kunvar 2013-02-24 04:26
roach has gone sick
Gurpreet Singh Bains
0 #4 Gurpreet Singh Bains 2012-09-27 02:45
roach is sick
0 #3 seenaa 2012-09-26 23:45
love the song and he is buff xxx
+1 #2 #kk21bhakar-roath97 2012-09-23 14:55
Roach Killa is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !! Love this tune so much! The lyrics are breath taking, but I think that the chorus is a bit annoying - loving the uniqueness of his rapping... Overall another hit!
+8 #1 Realist. 2012-09-06 22:25
Regardless of how i dislike this song...Roach Killa is definately talented and brings something different to the table..some of his own older tracks where he moves away from the asian market are actually bangers, and respected in the wider underground music scene.

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