MoneySpinner ft Master Saleem - Touchwood (Full Video)

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Watch the full video to the most anticipated collaboration of 2012 as MoneySpinner enlist the vocal prowess of Master Saleem to bring to you their latest single, Touchwood!

Touchwood (feat. Master Saleem) - Single - Moneyspinner
‘Touchwood’ is the latest offering from MoneySpinner following the worldwide success of their album ‘Poetry’ which was applauded on a global scale. MoneySpinner have built on this strong foundation by teaming up with Master Saleem to showcase their musical repertoire and diversity. ‘Touchwood’ is, by no means your standard Desi/Bhangra track. The concept has been cleverly devised by MoneySpinner in order to reach a wide audience by using fun loving lyrics whilst incorporating a solid dancefloor feel.

Since their last offering of hit album ‘Poetry’, MoneySpinner have been extremely busy in the studio, recording and producing music that will add a different dimension to their already renowned portfolio. More recent tracks to add to this catalogue also include productions on Banger’s launch track ‘Soorma’ and the powerful Dharmik track ‘Sava Lakh’.

‘Touchwood’ is the first of several MoneySpinner releases that are due to follow in quick succession.


ting a ling
-1 #4 ting a ling 2012-09-02 04:14
sick song eh, screw being embrassed by hearing ting a ling , that shit cray . U would rather hear some kala yelling nigga nigga from a car? this a sik song no lie, keep it up Saleem , love da ting a ling part bro.
+1 #3 Realist. 2012-08-30 22:14
Is Banger miming a song back in the days for moneyspinner?
+4 #2 Rajj 2012-08-28 23:46
I would be embarassed if if I heard ting-a-ling-a-l ing-ling-ling blasting from someones car.

Poor lyrics, what was Saleem thinking? Probably thinking Touchwood I hope this single doesn't flop lol
+3 #1 Realist. 2012-08-28 16:33
Lyrically poor (dissapointed with Amrit Saab) provided plenty of awkward moments where you feel weird watching it with your mum in the room...only decent part was when Banger appeared out of no-where what a Gabru!!!

Respect for including the singer AND the lyricist in the video...oh and Sikhs shouldnt believe in superstitions so not sure about touchwood?! lol

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