RV Narang ft The PropheC - Gal Sun (Full Video)

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RV Narang forms a massive international collaboration on his brand new single ‘Gal Sun’ with The PropheC featuring the new voice of Sonia Sehra - watch full video here!

Singer Song writer RV Narang forms a massive International collaboration on his Fourth studio release ‘Gal Sun’ with the highly talented PropheC (North America).

The track which can only be described as a melodious love duet which also features the brand new voice of Sonia Sehra, who is making her debut in too the music industry. The lyrics have been written by RV Narang and they describe the feeling of ‘missing the one you love’.

‘This track is a fusion of Asian sounds with Celtic influences’, says RV Narang speaking about ‘Gal Sun’.

‘It has been a crazy journey to get the sound perfected to how I wanted it and I have worked very closely with the PropheC over the past 6 months getting every element of the song just right and I’m very excited to see how my fans will react to the new single & video’

RV Narang known for his versatility as an artist has already experimented with Arabic and Electro sounds on his previous singles with a great deal of success and now he is ready to introduce another fresh sound to the Industry.

RV Narang has already started working on his debut album, which is due out in 2013 and it will feature a whole host of upcoming UK Asian Artists.

‘Gal Sun’ will be released worldwide digitally on Thursday 23rd August 2012 and it will be available to download on iTunes and all other popular digital online stores

RV Narang 'Gal Sun' ft The PropheC by SimplyBhangra Music

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punjab di sher
-1 #6 RE: RV Narang ft The PropheC - Gal Sun (Full Video)punjab di sher 2012-09-02 15:20
seriously wtf is this crap, dude needs singing lessons obviously to much shower singing
-3 #5 RE: RV Narang ft The PropheC - Gal Sun (Full Video)whatdaheck 2012-08-28 07:59
i try to limit my feedback but this is just bad. prophe-c is losing credibility with me if he is willing to work with this kinda of vocalist. this guy needs some major training. this is just horrid.
+2 #4 RE: RV Narang ft The PropheC - Gal Sun (Full Video)HARJ_JATT 2012-08-27 01:12
Sick video & track, well done prophec & rv
+4 #3 RE: RV Narang ft The PropheC - Gal Sun (Full Video)manjot.s 2012-08-25 12:07
This is why i think the guys who run this simplybhangra site have a screw loose, what is the point of giving this horrendous track any attention at all?
+1 #2 RE: RV Narang ft The PropheC - Gal Sun (Full Video)Realist 2012-08-24 23:20
Bullshit song
+1 #1 RE: RV Narang ft The PropheC - Gal Sun (Full Video)Realist 2012-08-24 23:17
Cringe!!! 'oh gal sun soniye, mere manmoniye' HAHAHA sounds like something cheesy you would say to a baby.

Why doesnt this guy give up? In his last 2 releases hes had to disable comments and the like/ dislike bar because his music was so bad...hes improved from before but its still shit!

Groupies/ friends are going to be like 'RV dont listen to the haters, your amazing keep doing what your doing'... but my humble benti to you please stop wasting your time and money, if youve got money to burn give it to charity, its better than getting your besti done.

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