Bups Saggu ft Jati Cheed - Milky (Full Video)

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VIP Records release Bups Saggu’s new track, “Milky” from the upcoming album 'Global' featuring Jati Cheed, , watch full video here.

The new track features Jati Cheed, a seasoned vocalist who has paired with Saggu on previous projects such as “Why This Kolaveri Di (Party Mix),” as well as “Intezaar Nahi” and “Vang Chanke” from Saggu’s solo debut album, Redefined.

“Milky” once again showcases Saggu’s musical creativity. Renowned for mixing non-traditional instruments with authentic Bhangra elements, Saggu’s continued success is due to his ability to mesh his musical influences with his personal style. Cheed offers another dimension to his vocal ability with a sound he hasn’t quite shown before. “Milky” is an upbeat track that offers fresh lyrics and original musical composition; a true taste of what Bups Saggu is capable of.

Bups Saggu is one of the hottest British-Asian music producers of the moment following the ample success of his international smash-hit “Punjabi Hurrr.” Not an up-and-coming artist anymore, Saggu has cemented his position in the Bhangra music industry.


iknow it!
0 #6 iknow it! 2012-08-28 16:36
Bups is getting boring with all these 'chessy' tracks or maybe his next track will be called 'Chessy'!
-3 #5 RE: Bups Saggu ft Jati Cheed - Milky (Full Video)s4nj 2012-08-15 11:59
[censored] everyone ok!! u dnt knw anything about no point sayin huz credible and huz nt!! its a good song just listen to it and appreciate it.. this song is better then the stuff h dhami pulls out and rana sahota shite singers like dat!!!peace
Jatt Mirza
+4 #4 Jatt Mirza 2012-08-13 19:29
This is POP bhangra. Not my cup o chai
-4 #3 FolkSTAR 2012-08-13 17:33
i think jati cheed is credible singer

check him doing this live
-7 #2 RE: Bups Saggu ft Jati Cheed - Milky (Full Video)Aneela 2012-08-13 15:20
Its a good song. Bups saggu cant produce very good music and jati cheed has got a very good voice. I just think the song was too long.
+6 #1 Realist 2012-08-13 00:02
If Jati Cheeds become a 'credible' singer in the industry someone needs to give this guy a shot aswel...

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