Deep Jandu Feat. Gangis Khan - Gaddi (Full Video)

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Digital Records release the full video to one of the most anticipated singles of 2012 which is to break new grounds, ‘GADDI’ a collaboration featuring DEEP JANDU and GANGIS KHAN aka. Camoflauge, watch the full video here and download the track for FREE!!



This is the first mainstream collaboration of its kind coming out of North America, which has had fans and listeners in awe for the past few months.

Deep Jandu started singing at a very young age and through professional vocal training and practice, Deep released his first album at the tender age of 18. Now at the age of 21 this Canadian born phenom has been breaking the airwaves with his hard-hitting voice, showcasing his raw talent with songs of various genres. Having already performed through various cities of North America, Deep is currently working on many new singles with producers across the globe.

Gangis Khan aka. Camoflauge, representing DeepWaters is no stranger to this industry as he has been touring and leaving his mark across the globe. With his unique style and raw lyrics, his versatility has expanded his exposure not limiting him to influences of the rap genre. Gangis Khan has been recognized by elite artist ,and is the 2nd most downloaded artist next to take in Canada, and coming off his latest tour concluding in India, there is only much more to come.

Both Deep and Gangis Khan have built a brotherly love and have been spending much time in the studio. “It’s like family now, it truly is” says Deep. “ The long hours spent in or out of the studio no longer seem like work.” “Everyone’s got dreams of visions, and many opportunities come knocking, but when I first heard Deep’s material, I felt the energy and immediately got a vision,” said Gangis.

GADDI provides a urban hip-hop feel to a Punjabi track – both artists voices accommodate each other flawlessly, truly making this one of the most anticipated, and will be one of the hottest tracks of summer 2012!


+2 #12 HB 2012-08-06 14:28
I am sorry but this is just pure crap, when will they ever grow up and join the real world. This is not punjabi music and the video is a joke. I am NOT Gangster and nor is his guy ! This track has was dissed really badly on YouTube!
+2 #11 listenerpj 2012-07-28 22:44
this is some real shyt.... its not like fruity england singers, like hdhami, rana sahota , juggy d, all those guys do is stand infront of a bhangra team, with tight as clothes, and dancer around with funny moves. i actually like this song, the production could have been better, but damn his vocals are raw. and the rappers voice is good, i dont know about his hair though...8/10 yalll music should hit india
0 #10 DJ A 2012-07-27 17:02
Deep Jandu's last good song was with DJ KSR. This and that slow song both suck
0 #9 Aneela 2012-07-26 11:25
Wow this is sounding quite good the music vocals and video is really good. Goodnluck for the future
pop star
-2 #8 pop star 2012-07-26 09:31
this guy has smashed it!

the video is like a film!

Vocals: 7/10 sounds good!

music: 7/10 goes well with the vocal.

overal: 8/10!
+4 #7 oolala 2012-07-25 05:26
this guya vocalss are sickkk....this video shits on anything ive seen from the uk in a while ..... ps anyone else notice the goris kuchi at about 2:58 :P
+4 #6 jQ 2012-07-22 06:03
Different for sure and deep should look at more urban bhangra stuff x
-1 #5 truth 2012-07-22 02:44
This is not simplbhangra,
This simplygangster

Crazy shyt, even tho I haven't really heard of deep jandu to much, after sheran naal yaari... this shyt is hella crazy
+2 #4 Weeman 2012-07-22 01:17
Not a track i would listen to normally.

But one thing people must admit, no matter how boring the music is for Deep Jandu, wether you like him in general or not, this guy got powerful vocals!!

He is a good vocalist. With the right producer he would turn the tables.
+2 #3 someraa 2012-07-21 23:18
sick video, deep sure has loads of talent and good to see him experimenting on new stuff, big up the t-dot crew
+2 #2 Realist 2012-07-21 22:57
Not a great time to release the track with the recent shootings in toronto...perso nally i favaour Deep Jandhu singing upbeat songs or songs about unity in the community like shera naal yaari...this gun crime gangster shit doest cut it for me...its too fake...rick ross fake!
+2 #1 Realist 2012-07-21 22:47
I rate Deep Jandhu hes a good singer, Gangis khan is pretty well known aswel so well done for Deep Jandhu for getting him involved.

BUT this song sounds toooo much like Hathyar by Gippy Grewal for my dissapointed with the end product.

Im happy to watch it on youtube (with the video-which is flash and ex[censored]siv e) but i wouldnt be able to listen to it on my se its boring.

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